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We have partnered with the James Beard Foundation for over 15 years, Triar Seafood has been a house purveyor of the James Beard Foundation (JBF) in New York, NY.  JBF is at the center of America’s culinary community, dedicated to exploring the way food enriches our lives. As a Beard House supplier, Triar generously donates seafood products to culinary students and visiting chefs. For more information about JBF, visit online at www.jamesbeard.org.

James Bearcd Foundation

Southeastern Fisheries Association - Triar Seafood is an active member of the Southeastern Fisheries Association (SFA), a non-profit fisheries trade association whose mission is to defend, protect and enhance the commercial fishing industry by supporting honest conservation and management. In order to obtain the S.F.A. Quality Seal, Triar has maintained a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system required by the FDA for seafood safety, as well as provided ongoing training regarding all aspects of product safety and security. For more information about the SFA, visit online at www.sfaonline.org.

Seafood Quality Seal

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ mission is to safeguard the public and support Florida’s agricultural economy by ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of food, protecting consumers from deceptive business practices, and conserving the state’s natural resources by promoting environmentally safe agricultural practices.

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Kentucky Derby - Triar Seafood is honored to feed the freshest seafood to the award-winning chefs and horse racing celebrities at the Kentucky Derby’s annual Taste of the Derby celebration. Taste of the Derby raises funds and awareness for hunger relief organizations such as Dare to Care Food Bank in Louisville, KY and other regions where the participating chefs are located. For more information about this annual charity event, click here.

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Triar was among the first in the industry to provide “shore to door in 24” service. We are pleased to partner with United Parcel Service to deliver fresh seafood overnight to your kitchen.

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